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Omø Skole is a small school where the students have the same lessons and hours as other children. We are aware that we are few and sometimes we live in our own little bubble.

We want a school that is open to new initiatives and involves the outside world, which is why we go on trips during the year that support the daily teaching.


The activities provide the opportunity to
vary and differentiate the teaching. We go on trips to the theatre, museum, swimming pool and
camp trip


 Calendar 2022/2023
Holiday plan 2022/2023
Holiday plan 2023/2024



When you are one of Denmark's oldest island schools, the traditions are part of the island's culture and are therefore valued highly by both the school board, staff and students and their families.

Family activity day, where school children, siblings, parents and grandparents jointly compete in various activities.

Autumn family service, where the children bring in fruit and vegetables

to the altar while singing a harvest song.

Exercise dayuntil the autumn holidays.

 Halloweenenjoy the daycare. We meet at school, carve pumpkins and then eat soup in the campfire.

Lucia paradefor family worship.

Christmas theaterfor everyone in the assembly hall.

Mardi Gras race, where the children walk around and rustle on the island, dressed as generals, kings, cashiers, front and rear knights, clowns. For the money collected, a Mardi Gras party is held for everyone on the island.

School comedyfor everyone in the assembly hall.

Summer partyfor children, siblings and parents.

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