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The association was founded on 15/5 1998.

Quite quickly, it was decided to try to realize one of OMØ Beboer- and Grundejerforening's idea projects: OMØ Activity and Health Center, which was to contain 4 elderly-friendly rental homes, a large activity room with kitchen, a health center with rooms for the island's health group, exercise room, PC cafe and a smaller room for the tenants and the island's guests. It was decided to try to raise 'free' kroner, a building plot and lots of voluntary labour.

It quickly became clear that the project would have to be divided into stages, and it was decided to build the 4 elderly-friendly rental homes first. Skælskør Municipality provided building land, the Island Support Act DKK 250,000, the APMøller and Hustrus Foundation DKK 500,000, and to this came funds collected in Omø and a grant from the Omø Initiative Foundation, as well as a lot of voluntary labour.

Approx. Under Per Jacobsen's construction management, 60 people contributed to the construction, which was officially inaugurated on 5/6 2003, when all 4 apartments were let.


The apartments give the island's elderly the opportunity to enjoy their retirement in well-furnished rooms with a fantastic view of the Great Belt, and the island's health group good working conditions if care becomes necessary. Since Omø Boligforening is a private housing association, we have full inspection rights to the apartments.

The activity house

The activity house is the second stage of the Omø Activity and Health Center.

The activity house is a multifunctional building of 180 m2 erected through many voluntary working hours by a circle around Omø Boligforening, and financed through an Article 33 grant of DKK 850,000, DKK 400,000 from the Ø Support Act and DKK 450,000 from Skælskør Municipality. In addition, there is a grant of DKK 500,000 from AP Møller and Hustrus Fond.

The activity house contains: meeting room for max. 20 people with necessary AV equipment, kitchenette and an office. These are currently used of the health group and the island nurse.

Exercise room with associated sauna.

Teaching room with wireless access + AV equipment for max. 10 people, kitchenette.

1 public disabled toilet and 1 toilet.

Mini-apartment with bed for 2, kitchenette with associated service, toilet with bath. Fiber network access.

The activity center is intended as the island's health and activity center. Here, the island's nurse/health group and visiting therapists can have a starting point. Internal and external courses / meetings can be held.


Fitness and well-being are cultivated and enjoyed by islanders and the island's guests. In the mini-apartment, Omø Boligforening's tenants' guests, guests of the island and others who need a shorter or longer stay on the island can stay. Meetings can be held in the meeting room, where there is also wireless access.

The premises can be rented by contacting the chairman.

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