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The good start to school
- to make children happy to come to school.

The harmonious school day
- to make the children happy to learn.

- that the working environment is the focus for both students and employees.

The good teaching
- that the children develop into whole people with their own personal meaning and desire to think and
act creatively.
- to maintain and develop the children's self-confidence, job satisfaction, curiosity and courage.
- that students are given the opportunity to take initiatives individually and collectively.
- that students are involved in the planning of a number of selected subjects and areas.
- that the children develop abilities to actively maintain, develop and use the body
- that teaching is planned varied between purely academic learning,
and between more socially emphasized community-oriented topic and project work.


The good student
- that the children take responsibility for themselves and each other.
- that the children develop skills to handle emotions.
- that the children develop competence to actively participate in social communities.
- that the children develop skills to lead and cooperate responsibly.
- that the children develop skills to actively participate in democratic processes.
- that students both individually and collectively take initiatives.
- to develop abilities to evaluate the work of others from many facets.


The good school/home cooperation
- that parental cooperation is characterized by openness and mutual trust / respect
- that 2 school/home interviews are carried out per school year.


The good school board work
- that the school involves and is involved in the local community
- that the school includes and is included in Omø's history and traditions

The good traditions
- that the children share responsibility for the school.
- that the school involves the local community in teaching.
- that the school includes Omø's history and traditions in teaching.
- that Omø School is a green and environmentally friendly school.
- to give students experiences and experiences with natural and environmental conditions that can make them
perceptive and active citizens who feel joy in nature and have the desire and
abilities to engage in human interaction with nature.

The good image (PR)
- that Omø School is made visible in the local community.
- that the staff present / present the school to potential new residents.

The good teachers / the good management
- that staff cooperation works optimally.
- that the teaching staff has relevant continuing and further training.

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