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The association OIF was founded in 1934, and there have been many different sports and events throughout
the time. Events include the Horseshoe Throw, Football School, Pentathlon, Tour de Omø, Easter Cup,
club championships and much more.


This season we offer badminton, table tennis and ball games
from September to Easter. It can vary slightly depending on members' wishes and interest, affiliation with the teams and which coaches and team managers are within reach.


We can always use more volunteers
team leaders/coaches/teachers and generally helping hands.


Are you interested in participating?
shaping our healthy leisure life on Omø is perhaps also a possibility for a board post.

The current board of directors is Honey Mogensen, Birgitte Aubeck, Henrik Albrechtsen, Jón Jónsson, David Linnebjerg and alternates: Nilas Iversen, Grith Strøbæk and Morten Ellegård.

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