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Omø Beboer- & Grundejerforening was established in 1970. The background was the new municipality's (Skælskør Municipality) lack of interest in Omø and its conditions.


One of the first issues to be tackled was when Skælskør Municipality drew up a disposition plan in 1972, from which it appeared that Omø was to be a holiday home island. At least 400 summer houses had to be placed on good agricultural land - it was just too much. They managed to avert the many summer houses, and that was the start of Omø Beboer- & Grundejerforening's work.

Omø Beboer- & Grundejerforening's goal is to fight for Omø to continue to be a year-round inhabited island with everything that goes with it - a well-functioning ferry operation, convenience store, childcare and school, home care and nurse, security if you get sick, jobs, opportunity for commuting, leisure and cultural activities etc.

In addition to the political fight to preserve Omø as an active year-round inhabited community, the residents' association also takes the initiative for a number of measures, e.g. Omø Traktorbus, new bicycles at the harbour, first aid courses, Christmas tree lighting and events for the island's elderly.

Omø Beboerforening currently has 115 members. If you would like to become a member, contact Board of Directors.



 Published 8 times a year and distributed free of charge to all residents of the island.


Here you will find the letters and consultation responses that the association has sent. 


We publish a monthly newsletter with current news and activities on the island.

Omø har udarbejdet en turismestrategi - se den ved at klikke på overskriften


Find the board members and statutes.


Here you will find the letters and consultation responses that the association has sent. 

Omø Beboer- & Grundejerforening and thus Omø is a member of the Association of Danish Small Islands.

The Association of Danske Småøer (SaDS) is an interest organization which looks after the interests of the 27 member islands - including Omø - in relation to, among other things, The Danish parliament. The purpose of the island association is to preserve and develop the small year-round communities on the islands.

SaDS is entitled to consultation in a wide range of contexts, has a seat in various officials' committee, and as something completely unique, the small islands have their own sub-committee in the Danish Parliament "Committee for Small Islands", where SaDS meets 2-3 times a year with representatives from the Danish Parliament's parties.

The small islands and the municipalities of which they are a part benefit from a number of targeted support schemes: Support for ferry operation, support for investment in ferries, support for reducing tariffs for goods and passengers, cars, bicycles etc., island- support for cultural and business projects, and island support for farmers.

SaDS receives an annual subsidy of DKK 1.6 million. DKK for operating the secretariat and for organizational activities via the Island Support Act.
But in addition, the small island communities can of course also apply for grants from both national and EU schemes that support development in rural areas.

Ole Odsgaard is our representative.



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