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Thanks to two of the island's residents, it is possible to try island life for a shorter period. The couple rents out their tiny house for the purpose.


The test home is a 30.5 square meter tiny house, which was completed in 2021.


It is rented out to people who want to try the island life before they "take the plunge" and move to the island for a period of three months. 

It is intended exclusively as a trial home and it is therefore not possible to extend the lease.

The house is fully furnished and there is a large garden around the house.


It is only rented out outside the high season - i.e. in January, February & March and again in September, October & November.

Contact the Settlement Group to find out more about. how you can be considered for the test housing.



It has two beds of 140 cm each in each room - toilet with shower corner - fully equipped kitchen with dishwasher and dining area for 4 (5).


The house is heated with a heat pump and is winter insulated.


Price for the 3 months is DKK 15,000 plus water and electricity consumption.

The DKK 5,000 is a deposit which will of course be refunded if everything is left OK.

No smoking indoors and no pets.


In three months, you can find out whether it is possible to make everyday life fit together as an island resident with any work and leisure.


It is possible to have a child/children in our small local school or daycare - if that is a wish.

See more photos in the gallery:

Prøvebolig OMØ
Prøvebolig OMØ
Prøvebolig OMØ
Prøvebolig OMØ
Prøvebolig OMØ
Prøvebolig OMØ
Prøvebolig OMØ
Prøvebolig OMØ
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