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Around the island there are various monuments and historical places that are worth a look.

Here we have collected a selection of some of the things you can see on your way to Omø

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  If you walk from the harbor along Revvej, you will pass an old tar vat.

The tub was used in the old days by fishermen to tar their nets in.  


In the summer of 1997, Omø was visited by the Cuban artist William Perez, who, together with fishermen from Omø, built the tower from netting poles. The work of art was named Monomenta a la Unidad - Monument to Unity. Everyone who took part in building the work of art has had their names on the poles.

The harbor is also home to the slipway, which is the place fishermen use to store their dinghies. There is also a herb bed, where the herbs are free to use.

Den gamle bondeby.JPG


At the entrance to the old farming town, there is a wooden sculpture of an old farmer carved from one of the island's extinct elm trees. The model for the wooden sculpture opposite the city gate is former farm owner Niels Chr. Hansen. Within the hedge behind the figure is Kjærhuset, which in the old days was called Jydegården. Not because a family from Jutland lived here, but because 'en Alley' - by which the farm was located - was called 'en Jyde' in real omö dialect.

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