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Free Information Association Omø


FO-Omø is a local information association supported by Slagelse municipality. 

The board consists of islanders, and the activities arise at the request of the islanders.

If there is support for an activity, we are happy to arrange it, just come
with suggestions.

Contact: Irene Astrup tel. 26 27 52 43

Omø-kokke sammen med michelinkok Anita Klemmesen i midten.JPG


One of the recurring courses is "Fineer cooking for women" and "Fineer cooking for men".


We meet approximately once a month in autumn and winter and make a new dish together - which we end up eating.

It's exactly as cozy as it sounds. 



Some courses are recurring and others are just for a single day. 

In autumn 2022, we had a day with willow, with a teacher from the "mainland".


We usually also have a workshop leading up to Christmas, where we make Christmas clips and decorations. 



In recent years we have also had group singing on the programme. 

We meet in church and sing songs together. Søren Thuesen plays.


We also get to enjoy line dancing, among other things - it takes place in the assembly house. 



Several courses are about needlework. Among other things, we have a knitting club on the island - and then in the autumn of 2022 lacework has been on the programme.

See the entire autumn program by downloading it here: 

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